Canary Islands Dinner - Fri May 18th

Canary Islands Dinner - Fri May 18th


On Friday, May 18th, we will be hosting a wine dinner in collaboration with Bethany Kacich, National Import Director of David Bowler Wines, the exclusive national importer of the finest portfolio of wine from the Canary Islands.

The Canary Island chain, off the north coast of Africa (Morocco), is characterized by pre-phylloxera (very old!) vineyards, volcanic soil, rare heirloom grape varieties, steep, high-elevation slopes, and exceedingly low yields. 

The soils here are entirely volcanic which lends itself to their unique minerality as well as naturally creating low yields due to the high drainage of porous soils. The minerality is not citrusy or chalky. Rather, it’s often smoky, flinty, saline, or like drinking liquid stones. In addition, due to its geographical isolation, varietals that are obsolete on mainland Spain are still being planted as they have remained unexposed to Phylloxera and are mostly still grow on their original rootstocks. Some winemakers attribute their wines' profound minerality to this unfettered flow between plant and soil.

Each island exhibits its own geological character, breathtaking beauty, and viticultural challenges. Vines of Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian origin were transported to the Canary Islands by colonial settlers beginning in the late 1400s. Determination to succeed at cultivating vines over the centuries has solidified an unlikely and impressive rapport between winegrowers and potentially hostile forces. Violent vocanic eruptions, rugged terrain, precipitous altitude, and relentless wind are all countered (if not embraced) in unwavering pursuit of local winemaking.

Bethany Kacich will be our guide for this wine dinner. She is an expert on the wines of the Canary Islands, having been seduced by the regions’ otherworldly landscapes, supernaturally old vines, and heroic winemakers. Our menu will be inspired by spring vegetables and the incredible terroir-driven wines of this region. 

Start Time: 6:30 pm

Price: $120/person

Please note that dinner reservations are NON-REFUNDABLE.  If for some reason you are unable to make it to your reserved dinner, you can transfer your reservation to another individual as long as we are notified via email of the transfer. We require the names and email addresses of all transferred reservations. Email to notify us.

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